class SISFile

The top level container of a SIS file. More...

Definition#include <lib/sisfile.h>
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The top level container of a SIS file. Based on documentation by Alexander Thoukydides <>.

 SISFile ()

SISFile ()


SisRC  compareApp (SISFile* other)

Compare uid and version number of this file, with another.

SisRC  fillFrom (uint8_t* buf, off_t len)

Populate the fields.

bufThe buffer to read from.
lenThe length of the buffer.

int  getLanguage ()

Return the currently selected installation language.

LangTableEntry*  getLanguage (int i)

Find a language entry, based on the sequence number in the SISLangRecord part of the file.

uint8_t*  getName ()

Get the name of this component, in the selected language.

uint32_t  getResidualEnd ()

Get the number of bytes that should be copied to the residual sis file on the psion.

void  ownBuffer ()

bool  sameApp (SISFile* other)

Is this the same application?

void  setDrive (char drive)

Set the installed drive.

void  setFiles (int nFiles)

Set the number of installed files.

void  setLanguage (int lang)

Set the selected installation language.

SISFileHeader m_header

SISLangRecord* m_langRecords

SISFileRecord* m_fileRecords

SISReqRecord* m_reqRecords

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