class SISFileHeader

The first part of a SISFile. More...

Definition#include <lib/sisfileheader.h>
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The first part of a SISFile.

This file header is referenced from most other parts of the sis file, mainly since it contains the list of languages.

SisRC  compareApp (SISFileHeader* other)

Compare uid and version number of this file, with another.

SisRC  fillFrom (uint8_t* buf, int* base, off_t len)

Populate the fields.

bufThe buffer to read from.
baseThe index to start reading from, which is updated when the header is successfully read.
lenThe length of the buffer.

void  setDrive (char drive)

Update the drive letter, and patch the parsed buffer.

void  setFiles (int nFiles)

Update the number of installed files, and patch the parsed buffer.

enum FileOptions {op_isUnicode = 1, op_isDistributable = 2, op_noCompress = 8, op_shutdownApps = 16, }

enum FileType {FT_App = 0, FT_System = 1, FT_Option = 2, FT_Config = 3, FT_Patch = 4, FT_Upgrade = 5, }

uint32_t m_uid1

uint32_t m_uid2

uint32_t m_uid3

uint32_t m_uid4

uint16_t m_crc

uint16_t m_nlangs

uint16_t m_nfiles

uint16_t m_nreqs

uint16_t m_installationLanguage

uint16_t m_installationFiles

uint32_t m_installationDrive

uint32_t m_installerVersion

uint16_t m_options

uint16_t m_type

uint16_t m_major

uint16_t m_minor

uint32_t m_variant

uint32_t m_languagePtr

uint32_t m_filesPtr

uint32_t m_reqPtr

uint32_t m_unknown

uint32_t m_componentPtr

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