class SISFileRecord

Information about a file component in a SIS file. More...

Definition#include <lib/sisfilerecord.h>
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Information about a file component in a SIS file.

The file can be for multiple languages, in which case a single instance holds pointers to contents for all languages.

SisRC  fillFrom (uint8_t* buf, int* base, off_t len, SISFile* sisFile)

Populate the fields.

bufThe buffer to read from.
baseThe index to start reading from, which is updated when the record is successfully read.
lenThe length of the buffer.
sisFileThe container SISFile.

uint8_t*  getDestPtr ()

uint8_t*  getFilePtr (int fileNo)

Return a pointer to the file data for the file for the specified language.

void  setMainDrive (char drive)

uint32_t m_flags

1 if multiple language versions, otherwise 0.

uint32_t m_fileType

Type of file.

- 0. Standard file. - 1. Text file to display during installation. - 2. SIS component. - 3. File to run during installation/removal. - 4. Does not exist yet, but will be created when app is run, so it should not be removed during an upgrade.

uint32_t m_fileDetails

If file type is 1:

- 0. Continue. - 1. Yes, No (skip next file). - 2. Yes, No (abort installation).

If file type is 3:

- 0. Run during installation. - 1. Run during removal. - 2. Run during both installation and removal.

uint32_t m_sourceLength

uint32_t m_sourcePtr

uint32_t m_destLength

uint32_t* m_fileLengths

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