class SISComponentNameRecord

The name of the component in this SIS file. More...

Definition#include <lib/siscomponentrecord.h>
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The name of the component in this SIS file. A single instance holds the names for all languages.

There is one name record for each language. First comes the lengths of all the names, as 32 bit integers. Second comes pointers to the names, as an index in the complete SISFile.

SISComponentNameRecord ()


SisRC  fillFrom (uint8_t* buf, int* base, off_t len, SISFile* sisFile)

Populate the fields.

bufThe buffer to read data from.
baseThe index where we start reading data.
lenThe length of the buffer, for range checking.
sisFileThe container sis file.

uint32_t  getLastEnd ()

Find out the end position for the last name in the file.

uint8_t*  getName (int no)

Return the name for the given language.

noThe sequence number in the list of language records in the sis file.

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