class wprt

Remote Print services via PLP More...

Definition#include <lib/wprt.h>
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Remote Print services via PLP

 wprt (ppsocket *)

wprt ()

Virtual destructor.

void  reset ()

Initializes a connection to the remote machine.

void  reconnect ()

Attempts to re-establish a remote connection by first closing the socket, then connecting again to the ncpd daemon and finally calling reset.

Enum<rfsv::errs>  getStatus ()

Retrieves the current status of the connection.

Returns: The connection status.

Enum<rfsv::errs>  getData (bufferStore &buf)

Get Print Data

Enum<rfsv::errs>  initPrinter ()

Init Printer

Enum<rfsv::errs>  cancelJob ()

Cancels a running job.

bool  stop ()

Stops the WPRT server.

enum commands {WPRT_INIT = 0x00, WPRT_GET = 0xf0, WPRT_CANCEL = 0xf1, WPRT_STOP = 0xff, }


The possible commands.

ppsocket * skt


The socket, used for communication with ncpd.

Enum<rfsv::errs> status


The current status of the connection.

bool  sendCommand (enum commands cc, bufferStore &data)


Sends a command to the remote side.

If communication fails, a reconnect is triggered and a second attempt to transmit the request is attempted. If that second attempt fails, the function returns an error an sets rpcs::status to E_PSI_FILE_DISC.

ccThe command to execute on the remote side.
dataAdditional data for this command.

Returns: true on success, false on failure.

Enum<rfsv::errs>  getResponse (bufferStore &data)


const char * getConnectName ()


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